• Warm Hotline - 1-800-LIFENET

    Text Line - Text START to 74174

  • If you are feeling suicidal or are in harms way and your trained professionals aren't working, CALL 911 - You do not need to make a poor decision such as cutting yourself /burning yourself/overdosing/inflicting self harm on yourself, someone else, or taking your life. - You are special even if you don't think you are. Just find that happy place. You will eventually get there. Get coping skill such as listening to soothing music and take medications if needed that work for you and you will know because you know what is best for your body and will talk to trained professionals need be. The doctors will know what is best to prescribe you because they are the doctors and even if holistic ones are what works, so be it. Listen to soothing music or do activities you enjoy, do what works for you and think about whatever is bothering you. Have a glass of wine or tea if you need to, but if you can't control your self, learn self control with your treatment team.

This takes a lot of work and that is what us trained professionals are there to do for you to get you the extensive help you need, need be. You are worth the world. We do not want to see you hurt, or even worse, not here. That is why me and so many others do these things. We will all get you through the down times. You are getting the help you need and you didn't find  my site by chance, it was meant to be. Please, now just follow through and really want it so you really can become recovered like me - Reach out to all the resources you can before it gets worse. Make yourself get better, happier, and healthier. Save your self from these mental disparities. You know yourself better than anybody else. The worst is here and the best is yet to come for your future. Get over these dark days now and start this new journey where you can blossom! I am wishing you well. Listen to the inspirational songs if you are feeling down. You have me and many other trained professionals on your side. With the help of talking out your issues, you will be on your way to recovery. Take care people. I love you. xoxo

Just a note : I am not a doctor or a therapist/psychologist. I am a trained mental health speaker.